Sender ID

You can register your own sender ID (eg. YOURSHOP) or a mobile number.

Delivery Reports

With our detailed analytics report, you can see who received your message, when and who didn't.

Message Schedule

You can schedule your messages to be sent at any date & time that you wish.

Google Contacts

With the click of a button, you can import your Google contacts. Fast & Easy!

Nameday/Birthday Reminders

Our platform can remind you when your customers have a nameday or birthday so you can send them a message

24/7 Support

Our team will offer the best support at any time.

Customized messages

Easily customize your messages for a greater impact.

Stop SMS

You can easily add or remove a "STOP SMS" to your messages, as it is required by law.

Resellers welcome

Are you a reseller? Contact us to demonstrate our reseller program and white-label platform. - The Most Complete & Popular Bulk SMS Tool available in Cyprus